The TCQP members work in RMIT Building 14, which is on the corner of Swanston and Franklin streets, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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Detailed instructions


More specifically, if you take a taxi, the skybus, an Uber, apparat or teleport to the corner of Swanston and Franklin streets ..... you should see this intersection.


Building 14

You then enter the entrance labelled "Building 12".

Enter the building

Go up the escalator and then make a hard right turn and head to the lifts.

Up the escalator


Turn right, head to the lifts


Take a lift to the 12th floor

Go to level 12 and turn left.

Level 12


Turn left to enter the CoE precinct.

At the locked doors, there is a phone to ring us, or someone may take you down the corridor....

Ring us.


We are down the corridor.

to where our helpful administration team will be able to assist you.

Brooke and Nicci