The TCQP group is a research group within the Physics discipline of the School of Science at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

We specialise in theoretical and computational quantum physics, and its application to materials science, condensed matter physics, and quantum technology. Using advanced computational and mathematical techniques we study problems which range from the very applied to the purely theoretical.

The group consists of Prof. Jared Cole and Dr. Jackson Smith, working with postdoctoral researchers, PhD and Honours students.

Research conducted within our group also contributes to two Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence, the Centre for Exciton Science and the Centre for Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies.

If you are looking for our publications, they can be found here on google scholar, ORCID or the arXiv.

If you are looking for our physical presence at RMIT, try here.

If you are looking for our current group members, here is a list of past and present members.

Any further information can be found on the RMIT staff pages or the Centres of Excellence websites (linked above).