PhD Submission - Tim DuBois

Congratulations to Tim DuBois who submitted his PhD thesis today, entitled "On a Delocalised Oxygen Model of Two-Level System Defects in Josephson Junctions".  This thesis is a circa 130 page triumph of high-precision numerics which has consumed untold hours of both NCI and Tim time.  Tim's thesis has resulted in 5 papers (2 published, 1 in review, 2 in draft) as well as a soon to be published, high-precision parallelised 3D single-particle Schrödinger equation solver.  Congratulations Tim on a job very well done.


The theoretical chemical and quantum physics research group at RMIT University now has a new web presence.

and there was much rejoicing 

Welcome to our new Honours students - Sem. 1 2015

Welcome Scott Todd and Daniel Stavrevski to the TCQP group.  This year, Scott will be working with Salvy on "Various aspects of General Relativity" while Daniel is working with Andy on "THz emission using adiabatic photonic devices in vanadium dioxide".