Four years to the day (official SGR time) Jackson Smith has submitted his PhD thesis entitled "Modelling the electronic properties of zero-, one-, and two-dimensional phosphorus systems in semiconductors". Using a variety of theoretical techniques (both individually and in concert), Jackson studied electron transport in delta-doped phosphorous layers in silicon and germanium. In one thesis, Jackson developed a new method for treating two-dimensional delta-doped sheets using Thomas-Fermi theory, performed the first transport simulations of phosphorous nanowires, completed the largest DFT calculations this group has ever performed (in terms of number of atoms and memory) and computed the phosphorous donor energy level in silicon using ab-initio methods - finding an agreement with experiment of better than 10%. It also includes some of the most detailed appendices I've ever seen in a PhD thesis. This thesis is a testament to Jackson's breadth and depth of knowledge as a theorist as well as his dogged perfectionism. It is a most enjoyable read and I must admit, was well worth the wait. Excellent job Jackson.