Dates Guests Institution
18 January B. Lovett University of St Andrews
15-16 Feb. C. Müller University of Queensland
04-08 April G. Paz Silva Griffith University
14-15 June C. Müller University of Queensland
19-23 July S. Skacel Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
1 November S. Syzranov University of Maryland
21-22 Nov. C. Müller & T. Stace University of Queensland
28 November A. Bilmes Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Dates Guests Institution
23-24 April C. Müller University of Queensland
09-10 April T. Duty / S. Kafanov / K. Cedergren University Of New South Wales
09-10 April A. Romito Freie Universität Berlin
14-26 March P. Bushev Universität des Saarlandes
14-15 May G. Tettamanzi University of New South Wales
17 July M. Tobar University of Western Australia