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Timothy DuBois is a PhD candidate at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia with the Chemical and Quantum Physics group sponsored by an APA scholarship. His current research focuses on microscopic models of defects and quantum transport in condensed matter systems and large scale computer simulation using Density Functional Theory. Since 2009 Timothy has worked at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation specialising in statistical properties of lagrangian particles in application to the areas of turbulent dispersion and blast dynamics.

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  • B.Sc. (Applied Sciences)(Hons), RMIT University, 2010
  • B.Sc. (Physics) with Distinction, RMIT University, 2009
  • Cert. Ancient Languages, Macquarie University, 2007


Current and recent research projects

  • Delocalised oxygen models of two-level system defects in Josephson junctions
  • Laser-driven plasma-based accelerators for hadron therapy
  • Physical characterisation of biological aerosol release plumes in atmosphere
  • Geo-thermometers via titanium concentration in α-quartz
  • Models of the atmospheric bio-background
  • Defect formation Free energy of defects in anatase



  • Australian Postgraduate Award, 2011-2014
  • Vice-Chancellor's List, RMIT University, 2010
  • Walter Boas Memorial Prize, RMIT University, 2009
  • Richard Sutton Award, RMIT University, 2008



Dispersion of particles by a strong explosion
Timothy C. DuBois, Milan Jamriska, Alex Skvortsov
arXiv 1503.03160

Constructing ab initio models of ultra-thin Al-AlOx-Al barriers
Timothy C. DuBois, Martin J. Cyster, George Opletal, Salvy P. Russo, Jared H. Cole
arXiv 1503.01859


Recent publications

Atomic delocalization as a microscopic origin of two-level defects in Josephson junctions
Timothy C. DuBois, Salvy P. Russo and Jared H. Cole
New Journal of Physics 17 023017 (2015)

Tracer Dispersion in the Turbulent Convective Layer
Alex Skvortsov, Milan Jamriska and Timothy C. DuBois
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 84 4112 (2013)

Delocalized Oxygen as the Origin of Two-Level Defects in Josephson Junctions
Timothy C. DuBois, Manolo C. Per, Salvy P. Russo and Jared H. Cole
Physical Review Letters 110 077002 (2013)

Statistical characterisation of bio-aerosol background in an urban environment
Milan Jamriska, Timothy C. DuBois and Alex Skvortsov
Atmospheric Environment 54 439–448 (2012)

Scaling laws of passive tracer dispersion in the turbulent surface layer
Alex Skvortsov, Milan Jamriska and Timothy C. DuBois
Physical Review E 82 056304 (2010)