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Timothy DuBois is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre in the Earth’s Resilience in the Anthropocene project, focusing on integrating human systems, such as policy and economy, into climate model feedbacks. Integrated Assessment (or climate-economy) models identify how economic policies affect our climate (which in turn affects our economy). These models advise policy makers on how best to place a social cost on carbon; what sort of climate change can we expect based on what policies we implement, etc. Due to the complexity of the feedback loops involved, these models usually invoke many assumptions and simplifications in order to be tractable, although some of these assumptions may yield spurious results (for example: steady economic growth during an era of catastrophic, irreversible climate change). Tim is focusing on shoring up the underlying arguments in these models, and working towards the identification of optimal policy pathways to meet the Paris Agreement global temperature targets.

Previously he was at Chalmers University of Technology with the Plasma Theory Group in Gothenburg, Sweden. Undertaking research as a part of the PLasma based ION Acceleration (PLIONA) Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation project, which will attempt to generate high acceleration laser-plasma based ion sources for near future use in applications such as hadron therapy for cancers, cosmic radiation studies on living cells and spacecraft, short-life medical isotope production, proton imaging and many other important applications.

His doctorate was obtained at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia in September 2015 with the Chemical and Quantum Physics Group. That research focused on microscopic models of defects and quantum transport in condensed matter systems and large scale computer simulation using ab initio techniques. From August 2009 until September 2015 he also undertook contract work forthe Defence Science and Technology Organisation; specialising in statistical properties of lagrangian particles in application to the areas of turbulent dispersion, release characterisation and blast dynamics.

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  • PhD (Applied Physics), RMIT University, 2015
  • B.Sc. (Applied Sciences)(Hons), RMIT University, 2010
  • B.Sc. (Physics) with Distinction, RMIT University, 2009
  • Cert. Ancient Languages, Macquarie University, 2007


Current and recent research projects

  • Climate, economy & social feedback
  • Advanced warning of global scale tipping points of the climate
  • Fast-Electron Dynamics in Tokamak fusion reactors
  • Laser-driven plasma-based accelerators for hadron therapy
  • Delocalised oxygen models of two-level system defects in Josephson junctions
  • Models of the atmospheric bio-background
  • Physical characterisation of biological aerosol release plumes in atmosphere
  • Geo-thermometers via titanium concentration in α-quartz
  • Defect formation Free energy of defects in anatase



  • Australian Postgraduate Award, 2011-2014
  • Vice-Chancellor's List, RMIT University, 2010
  • Walter Boas Memorial Prize, RMIT University, 2009
  • Richard Sutton Award, RMIT University, 2008



A 3D investigation of delocalised oxygen two-level defects in Josephson junctions
Timothy C. DuBois, Salvy P. Russo, Jared H. Cole
arXiv 1508.05204


Recent publications

Proton acceleration by a pair of successive ultraintense femtosecond laser pulses
Julien Ferri, Lovisa Senje, Malay Dalui, Kristoffer Svensson, Bastian Aurand, Martin Hansson, Anders Persson, Olle Lundh, Claes-Göran Wahlström, Laurent Gremillet, Evangelos Siminos, Timothy C. DuBois, Longqing Yi, Joana Martins and Tünde Fülöp
Physics of Plasmas 25 043115 (2018)

Origins of plateau formation in ion energy spectra under target normal sheath acceleration
Timothy C. DuBois, Evangelos Siminos, Julien Ferri, Laurent Gremillet and Tünde Fülöp
Physics of Plasmas 24 (Editor's Pick) 123114 (2017)

Effect of partially-screened nuclei on fast-electron dynamics
Linnea Hesslow, Ola Embréus, Adam Stahl, Timothy C. DuBois, Gergely Papp, Sarah L. Newton, Tünde Fülöp
Physical Review Letters 118 255001 (2017)

Relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell modelling using finite volumes and adaptive mesh refinement
Benjamin Svedung Wettervik, Timothy C. DuBois, Evangelos Siminos, Tünde Fülöp
European Physical Journal D 71 157 (2017)

Vlasov modelling of laser-driven collisionless shock acceleration of protons
Benjamin Svedung Wettervik, Timothy C. DuBois, Tünde Fülöp
Physics of Plasmas 23 053103 (2016)

Constructing ab initio models of ultra-thin Al-AlOx-Al barriers
Timothy C. DuBois, Martin J. Cyster, George Opletal, Salvy P. Russo, Jared H. Cole
Molecular Simulation 42 Special Issue: Dedicated to Professor Ian K. Snook (1945-2013) (2016)

Dispersion of particles by a strong explosion
Timothy C. DuBois, Milan Jamriska, Alex Skvortsov
Physical Review E 92 023025 (2015)

Atomic delocalization as a microscopic origin of two-level defects in Josephson junctions
Timothy C. DuBois, Salvy P. Russo and Jared H. Cole
New Journal of Physics 17 023017 (2015)

Tracer Dispersion in the Turbulent Convective Layer
Alex Skvortsov, Milan Jamriska and Timothy C. DuBois
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 84 4112 (2013)

Delocalized Oxygen as the Origin of Two-Level Defects in Josephson Junctions
Timothy C. DuBois, Manolo C. Per, Salvy P. Russo and Jared H. Cole
Physical Review Letters 110 077002 (2013)

Statistical characterisation of bio-aerosol background in an urban environment
Milan Jamriska, Timothy C. DuBois and Alex Skvortsov
Atmospheric Environment 54 439–448 (2012)

Scaling laws of passive tracer dispersion in the turbulent surface layer
Alex Skvortsov, Milan Jamriska and Timothy C. DuBois
Physical Review E 82 056304 (2010)