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Post-doctoral Fellow
Jackson is a member of the Theoretical Chemical and Quantum Physics group at RMIT University, where he does research into the electronic properties of nano-scale materials. His interests include density-functional theory, quantum transport, and tight-binding approaches to nanoelectronic device modelling.

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  • BscSci (Applied Science) (Honours) Honours 1st Class
    RMIT University (2011)

  • BscSci (Physics) with Distinction
    RMIT University (2010)


Peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Electronic transport in Si:P delt-doped wires
    J. S. Smith, D. W. Drumm, A. Budi, J. A. Vaitkus, J. H. Cole, and S. P. Russo
    PRB 92 235420 (2015)

  • Electronic properties of delta-doped Si:P and Ge:P layers in the high-density limit using a Thomas-Fermi method
    J. S. Smith, J. H. Cole, and S. P. Russo
    PRB 89 035306 (2014)

  • Ab initio Electronic Properties of Monolayer Phosphorus Nanowires
    D. W. Drumm, J. S. Smith, M. C. Per, A. Budi, L. C. L. Hollenberg, and S. P. Russo
    PRL 110 126802 (2013)