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PhD Student
Martin is a PhD student employing a range of computational techniques to elucidate the properties of Josephson junctions. Using DFT calculations of oxygen interaction with the aluminium surface, he is pursuing an accurate method of modelling their formation using classical molecular dynamics. He is also interested in calculating charge transport through devices to obtain predictions for the value of the critical current.

Room: 14.12.06
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  • Molecular dynamics of the formation of ultra-thin aluminium oxides
  • Understanding oxygen interaction at the aluminium surface
  • Calculation of Josephson junction critical currents from atomic position data
  • Classical macroscopic tunnelling through graphene



  • Australian Postgraduate Award, 2014-2017
  • Vice-Chancellor's List, RMIT University, 2013
  • Summer Vacation Scholarship, RMIT University, 2013
  • Philip Law Medal for Physics, RMIT University, 2012
  • Stanley Martin Memorial Prize, RMIT University, 2010



  • B.Sc. (Applied Sciences)(Hons), RMIT University, 2013



Constructing ab initio models of ultra-thin Al-AlOx-Al barriers
Timothy C. DuBois, Martin J. Cyster, George Opletal, Salvy P. Russo, Jared H. Cole
arXiv 1503.01859