The theory of quantum mechanics underpins our understanding of the physical world and is central to most modern technology. In the Chemical and Quantum Physics group we use the tools of quantum mechanics to investigate the atomic structure of molecular and solid state systems and make predictions about their stability, mechanical, electronic and optical properties (Chemical Physics). We also probe the laws of quantum mechanics through the theoretical analysis of a range of systems, including spin impurities, spin ensembles, quantum-dots, photonic and phononic devices and low-temperature quantum circuits (Quantum Physics).


Our group has expertise in the use of techniques such as Hartree-Fock (HF) and beyond HF theories, Density Functional Theory (DFT) and the Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC), Reverse Monte Carlo, Kinetic Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics and Lattice Dynamics. Our quantum physics investigations include exploring a range of phenomena including quantum optics, decoherence, entanglement, quantum measurement, multi-particle effects and the transition between phase coherent and incoherent behaviour.


For further information; see our current projects, the computational and mathematical tools and techniques we use or our publications.

Current Projects

Group Members

  • Academics
  • Prof. Jared Cole
  • Prof. Salvy Russo
  • Prof. Andrew Greentree
  • Post-doctoral Fellows
  • Dr. Ivan Maksymov
  • Dr. Jackson Smith
  • Dr. Igor Lyskov
  • Dr. Jamie Booth
  • Dr. André Anda
  • Dr. Mike Klymenko
  • Dr. Nas Meftahi
  • PhD/Masters Students
  • Martin Cyster
  • Maria Javaid
  • Jesse Vaitkus
  • Samuel Wilkinson
  • Tommy Bartolo
  • Daniel Stavrevski
  • Hugh Sullivan
  • Anjay Manian
  • Tyler Hughes
  • Josef Worboys
  • Honours Students
  • Yik Kheng Lee
  • Alumni
  • Dr. David Ing
  • Dr. Jan Jeske
  • Dr. Muhammad Ahmed
  • Dr. Nicolas Vogt
  • Dr. Daniel Drumm
  • Dr. Kelly Walker
  • Dr. Tim DuBois
  • Dr. Chris Feigl
  • Dr. Akin Budi
  • Dr. Manolo Per
  • Brett Webber

For contact details and individual research interests, please see our member profiles.



Current projects in the Theoretical Chemical and Quantum Physics group.


Current methods and techniques used in the Theoretical Chemical and Quantum Physics group.